A Declaration of War

by Saladin

We have covered the prospect of war before.  Many times since the secession of Countess Maeve have the counties in this area come to the brink of open warfare.  Negotiations were made, courts were held, and accusations resolved and the wronged and guilty punished.  Never before has it come to such a state as the Kithain are in now.

In an act that many would call dishonorable the former Baroness now Countess Brightblade has launched several attacks into the County of the Gates.  In an act of pure destructive disregard for Kithain both noble and common the Neutral Grounds coffee shop was firebombed and attacked.  Not chimerically mind you, real actual fire with intent to destroy and injure mortal seemings.  With luck and help of the community the building only revived superficial damage and did not need to be closed for long.

While this heinous act was occurring four freeholds in the county were attacked.  I personally was involved in the defense of the Thaxton and personally witnessed Sidhe knights in service to Brightblade attack it’s defenders while some knockers crept in with high explosives and attempted to destroy the freehold itself.  Clearly, they failed.

A large force of trolls was repelled from the Garden Freehold, but with the defenses weakened they set up catapults on nearby buildings and lay siege to the area.  In a pitched battle the Washing Terrace Freehold was defended.  It’s reported that Countess Brightblade herself was in the field for that battle.

Unfortunately, Brightblade’s warriors were able to overcome the defenses of the Jewel Box Freehold.  Nothing has been reported but we can only assume that Sir Dorian was captured or killed in the taking.  Of late several redcaps have been seen patrolling the grounds.

These attempts on the mortal seemings, as well as the attempted physical destruction of a freehold they could not capture show just what kind of people serve this newly minted Count.  Kithain with little to no honor, with no care about violating the Escheat; willing to stab their neighbor in the back when there are more dangers about.  It’s not like the Dauntain, Winter, or the creatures re-emerging from the Deep Dreaming are going to go away just because we have turned our eyes inward.

Now because some spoiled Sidhe couldn’t be with the man she wanted, we are embroiled in a conflict that will cost the lives of Kithain noble and common.  A conflict where the aggressor has no regard for the safety and preservation of our Freeholds and Balefires.  A conflict that will leave us weakened and vulnerable to our real enemies.



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