Breaking the Siege

by Saladin

In the days following the surprise attack from the County of the Sea of Trees, it was apparent the troll forces that attacked Baroness Bianca’s Freehold at the Garden were not going anywhere.  They dug in, somehow renting out residential buildings and setting up siege catapults on their roofs, and keeping a force in the area of Tower Grove.  Travel to and from the area was very limited and dangerous for Kithain.

I cannot speak for how the plan came together, but Baron Killian and Baroness Bianca must have been planning for days before their efforts to break the siege were enacted.  As night fell there was suddenly a major police action in the surrounding area.  Witnesses stated that they were evacuated due to a bomb threat.  What happened next was fantastic.

Accounts of a few knights and redcaps who asked to remain nameless are as such.

Under cover of this police action and evacuation Bianca and Killian’s’ forces move into an advantageous position for a battle.  Once mortals have cleared the area an ultimatum was delivered to the troll mercenaries:

“Leave this place or die.”

Then all hell broke loose.  Real world explosions occurred on a rooftop containing a catapult, courtesy of some wizard friend of the Baronesses.  Almost simultaneously two massive magma elementals rose from the ground and attacked the remaining rooftops where trolls were stationed.  During the chaos, a number of trolls were distracted by entrancing sounds a Satyrs art before their commander was able to dispel it with a well-placed arrow.

Too late it appeared because this was the time the knights to strike.  Swords and shields against axes and great swords as the Sidhe knights engage the trolls in the buildings and street.  Explosions rain down upon the rooftops as catapults are blown and smashed to splinters by the magical and elemental onslaught.  Yet the trolls held strong against the knights, adapting to the situation despite the distractions.

Simultaneously Baron Killian took the field, charging into the Tower Grove encampment of trolls with his bride, and a corby of redcaps at his side.  Cutting off the troll’s ability to assist their comrade, the ferocity of Killian’s battle prowess proves that he has earned the moniker of The Bloody Baron.  The Baroness, skilled in the Sidhe arts is able to keep advancing trolls off the forces flank.  Both forces determined to give no ground, no quarter and the blood of troll, redcap, and sidhe soak the streets and surrounding lands.  The tide of this battle balances on the tip of a needle, easily it could turn against either side.

After what seemed and eternity to the participants a horn sounded, signaling the retreat for the mercenaries.  Gathering the injured and fallen where they can they retreat from the area.  Many losses on both sides but in the end the forces of the County of the Gates won the day, at this battle.

Unfortunately, as the Baron and Baroness were to discover while assessing the injured and slain, this was not the only battle fought this day.  At the same time the siege was being broken, Brightblade’s forces, led by a hitherto unknown satyr, attacked and routed the forces left defending the Washington Terrace Freehold.

And so, the war wages on.




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