Military Operations

By Abu

I’m not one to spread rumors but the evidence suggest that Brightblade may be having a lot of man power issues. I was on my way to the Ferguson brew house last week to get some root beer, one of my favorites. And I notice she had a lot of security on her freehold. Not an uncommon thing.  But on the way back the security was packing up and leavening. Overheard them talking about reinforcing priority targets, and not getting support if they stayed. The truth if I heard it chances are it might be a tactic too.  She is a renowned warrior they say.

But you know how the dreaming kind of moves Eshu, I wasn’t planning on going back that way in the first place, the bridge trod in the middle of Ferguson was way closer but wouldn’t let me in. But then again, I was let out there either. So, it is either the dreaming guiding me or the trod was broke, and seeing as it worked later that week to return to get more. I think we should take notice of what this war means for us as kith.  Not just politically but socially?  Freeholds are being attacked kith are being killed.  Is this what we need right now?



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