The Boggan’s Gossip Corner

Bianca has made an arrangement with a nightclub called Dark Web run by prodigals. They’re offering healing potions to the fae community, and they’re on the Baroness’s tab!  I couldn’t believe we happened to be at the same club again.

B+K Forever and Ever!


 I heard that the one-handed satyr who just joined forces with Brightblade, Theon or Thedon or something, is one of Bianca’s exes. Somebody should write a book about her love life already!


The Duke is sending an emissary to St. Louis to see what the hell is going on. From what I hear, he’s not a big fan of Maeve. Probably has something to do with her declaring herself a Countess without seeing what he had to say about it.

-Lenard Lloyd ap Liam

I love the Neutral Grounds, I really do, but you’d think they’d have more protection there after that big attack. There aren’t any troops defending it at all! I’m not risking my life for soothing ambiance! Plus, I saw a mouse there. Not going back anytime soon. Zero out of five stars.


Brightblade is right! Maeve had no right to turn herself into a Countess in the first place. And she’s been a terrible ruler! We’ve had all these crises, but she only ever shows her face holiday parties or to punish people. Gaen was an excellent Count, and look what our baroness and baron did to him! Our leadership is in shambles. I hope they surrender and we can go back to being one county again.


What are we commoner to do in this situation.  I worry for my safety daily.  I just want this to be over with.


My good mate Chaintooth is recruiting more redcaps.  Come to the Jewel Box and drop me name.  Gonna get that redcap barony methinks


Let’s just give all these warring nobility leaders some cold iron knives and let them solve their problems without involving themselves in the rest of our lives.  Seriously F them all.




We will watch…



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