Welcome to Town

by Abu

You know that movie Clerks, black and white film, artsy?  It starts with the main character getting called into work on his day off.  Things happen all day long, weird stuff.  He keeps saying “I’m not even supposed to be here today!”

Well I didn’t understand that until recently.  I’m not from St Louis, I’m not even really a writer.  I was in Greece hanging with an old friend and his trogo.  Got drunk and when I left in the wee hours of the night to find a back ally to relieve some pressure I found myself on the silver road and then in St. Louis.  Now I’m not one to complain too much. But why this war?  And why is the dreaming keeping me here?  I had an engagement in Egypt with an art dealer last week and I can’t leave this lovely city.

Anyway, I took a job with the Wyrd, pays well enough but I find myself in all sorts of places. Like last week, I stumbled into a bar. Not sure the bar, I came into the bathroom.  The food was good.   I heard this young sidhe talking to some satyr about hiring him and his men for the war effort.

Now I know mercenaries exist.  I’m from a war-torn area of the word.  But really is that politically correct as Fae?    But then again is war really politically correct as Fae? Like how are they going to deal with things like the injured and chimerical dead? Have the two sides sat down and said this places are off limit. Or the commoners that don’t want to fight will be left out of it? Is it a war to be fought in the dreaming only with chivalric rules; or a modern total war?

Now the big question, bigger than this war is what is up with the nightly explosives going off?



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